Our Services:

Apollo Group, Inc. has the experience and resources necessary to assist corporations efficiently and quickly in filling their IT needs. Our background in supporting client corporations with contract consultants began in 1990. We have the wealth of expertise needed to analyze your needs and match your requirements with exceptional technical support.

Our contractors are available for short-term or long-term assignment nationwide and internationally. Client companies simply pay Apollo Group Inc. a flat hourly rate for each contract consultant. Client companies do not have to deal with payroll, payroll taxes, employee benefits, unemployment tax, workers compensation insurance or holiday pay for these consultants.

Our candidates and consultants are the core of our success. They are experienced, motivated individuals with experience in performing programming, system analysts, database administration, UNIX system administration, Network administration and testing. Most of our employees have bachelor or masters degree in computer and business related fields. The type of skills we offer are IEF, Composer/COOL:GEN, COBOL/CICS/DB2 & IMS, IDMS, Natural/Adabas, PL/1, IBM Assembler, C/C++/Visual C++, Delphi, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Java, Oracle Developer 2000, SAP, PeopleSoft, AS/400, Centura (Gupta SQL), Progress, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and MS-SQL-Server DBA, UNIX, Novell & NT administration, SQA, Winrunner, Datawarehousing, ERP and others.

Our consultant have application development experience that includes but not limited to finance, accounting, leasing, health care, banking, Insurance, Telecommunication, inventory control, manufacturing, production control, logistics, supply chain management, quality assurance, marketing & sales, Internet and government applications.